Should You Buy A Bread machine?

Yes, hundred times yes! So I have recently invested in a bread machine and I have been enjoying the dividends ever since. I really love eating healthy and want to make sure my husband does so too.

I just feel that health is a priority and the key to living a long and productive life. I would classify myself as a follower of a low-ish carb and vegetarian-ish lifestyle. I can not place my diet into a box and limit myself to that extent but I strive to be 90% in that range.

My husband on the other hand still likes to eat some bread and pasta on a daily basis. Because I don’t want him to give up his favorite foods and feel deprived I came up with a suitable alternative: homemade bread.

Should You Bug a Bread Machine

This option gives me the luxury of having control over the quantity and quality of the ingredients. And provided me a healthy staple in our house.

I was shopping around for a Bread Machine to compare prices and specs than I figured most of the big supermarkets discontinued their ranges of Bread Machines. I saw the opportunity to save money.

Unfortunately, the range I bought has been discontinued but I saw great products (even better than mine) for a great price on Loot such as this Russell Hobbs model.

I felt glad knowing I am at the right time in the right place regarding the trends of the market. I arrived at one shop and saw they have only one desired item left and it was the displayed bread machine.

After a brief inquiry and conversation with the manager, I got 20% discount on a brand new item.

I love it when a plan comes together! And a bread is baked beautifully…

Should You Buy a Bread Machine - Flour

Endless Possibilities To Choose From

Usually, you are able to choose from at least 14 settings and thus give you no excuse to wine and dine in style.

A recipe booklet will be included in when you buy the machine or you can check some do offer online versions.

You won’t need any utilities as the machines usually come with the appropriate measure instrument, a cup (250ml) and a teaspoon/tablespoon and a hook to remove the kneading blade at the bottom of your bread.

The kneading blade’s function is to constantly stir and wiggle the dough, thus when you remove the bread from the machine the kneading blade will be inside your bread. Just a friendly reminder to remove the blade before you do a good dead and give someone a freshly baked, irresistible smelling loaf of love…

I advise you after you bought the machine to look at the recipe book and buy the ingredients you do not have at home. Most of the recipes are plain and simple but some do require more specific ingredients, like gluten-free flour

White Bread (or white bread rapid…) & Whole wheat (or whole wheat rapid…)

I really like the white bread because it is a safe option to offer to friends and family (who are not intolerant to any ingredients).

I took one freshly baked white bread to work the other day and my colleagues absolutely loved it! The one commented that she felt stuffed after having one slice.

And I felt happy because that means my bread is nutritious and nourishing. I don’t want people I love to stop eating a certain food, but I want them to eat the healthiest version of that product! And I want to make it myself.

I want control over the quality and quantities of the ingredients.

Light Rye (my other favorite)

Pure delight! All the health benefits of rye and whole wheat flour in comparison whit the white bleached flours that are so popular these days. How can you not love rye?

I have to confess I don’t use the recommended recipe in the booklet.

I have created my own. If you are interested in trying out different recipes, have a look at what I came up with.

French Bread

The main difference is that there a slight increase in the amount of yeast in the bread. Emphasizing the distinct taste of sourdough bread. This recipe also contains no milk. So a perfect treat for those who are lactose intolerant.

Sweet Bread

I also tweaked this recipe a bit. But only on special occasions, this dessert is made. The secret ingredient: Condensed Milk! I just add some in the batter and after the second kneading cycle.

Then the bread bakes with the glaze. And the sugar gets caramelized.

Super Rapid

The perfect fix for a short notice dinner. For this recipe to be successful the water must be a sufficient temperature. Not too hot or cold. The reason for this is to activate the yeast quicker with lukewarm water.

If the water is too hot you will get the yeast. And no one wants a giant flatbread as the hero of the dish.

Gluten-Free (my favorite)

This is the bread I make most frequently. It is super healthy and delish. I also have a recipe that differs slightly from the one that is recommended in the booklet.


This is a perfect option to make fresh “Rooster-koeke” with. Use a braai tong and grill on medium heat on the “braaier”. If the heat doesn’t burn your hand when keeping it still for one minute over the grill.

Then the temperature is perfect for your “broodjie”! Continuously turn the buns to prevent them from burning. Because the heat of a fire is not evenly distributed you can make the buns swap place to ensure even cooking.


I made a low-carb strawberry jam. With canned strawberries and xylitol. The perfect treat for a sweet tooth. I can recommend adding some lemon juice to at the beginning of the proses to increase the flavor of your end product.

Five Steps To Get Started

Step 1: Wash all the pieces that you will need making your first bread and let it dry. Assemble the parts. Put a small piece of butter on the kneading blade. Most bread machines are non-stock material so you don’t need to cover the whole area with butter.

Step 2: Pour in the wet ingredients first. Then in a separate bowl sift the flour and salt and pour on top of the wet ingredients. Now add the sugar on top and pour the yeast in lastly. Just set your timer and wait patiently…

Step 3: The timer will go off when the bread is ready. The machine will usually keep the bread warm for about an hour after finished baking. Be very careful not to burn yourself when removing the bread basket from the machine. Tumble the basket upside down on a cutting board.

Step 4: Cut the bread with a breadknife of an electric knife. Eat it immediately or keep it for up to 4 days in the refrigerator. Always store in a tightly sealed container. If you know you are going to consume the bread in 1 or 2 days keep it in a bread tin. But, not for too long as the dark environment encourages fungal growth and your bread will go stale and bad.

Step 5: Enjoy every slice and share the joy and good food with those around you! You may think me silly for adding an extra step to tell you to enjoy your food. In today’s rushed society we often forget to enjoy things especially meals…

Top Ten Healthy Ingredients You Can Add To The Recipe

  1. Sunflower Seeds
  2. Pumpkin Seeds
  3. Poppy Seeds
  4. Eggs
  5. Coconut Oil
  6. Sunflower Oil
  7. Psyllium Husks
  8. Rye Flour
  9. Coconut Flour
  10. Oatmeal Flour

A Big Money Saver

At first, it felt like R1000 (luckily I got mine for R800) is a lot to pay for a small kitchen appliance. Then after I did some calculations I figured that a low carb bread from woolies costs me R70!!!

And now it costs me only R30, thus I save R55. Which means I only have to bake 14 and a half loaves of bread, then the bread maker has paid himself.

I thus regard my new appliance as a definite investment in my health and wealth!

Happy baking!


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