Five Easy Ways To Get A Free Coffee In South Africa

To all coffee lovers who need a break but are running low on cash. Or just choose not to spend your savings on a cup of coffee. I got you covered with these five easy ways to get free coffee.

I can remember back in University I regularly declined a coffee date with my friends just because I didn’t want to waste my money on going to a restaurant. I usually felt deprived and knew that I missed out on the fun. Also, I missed out on the relationship-building behind of a coffee date.

It sometimes made me feel like an outsider when they would rave the following day about the great time they had the day before. And I was once again reminded of the opportunity I missed out on.

Did you ever experience a situation like mine? Let me show how easy it is to get free coffee and at the same time conquer your coffee dilemmas in life!

Vist A Mug & Bean

How does it work? You need to download the app and register with your name, surname, and email. Then a pop-up message will appear telling you that you have been rewarded with a free cappuccino.  If you didn’t see the message for some reason you can just press the MENU button then go and to messages and voila, your voucher will appear!

How do you redeem it? You visit a Mugg and Bean restaurant and order any cappuccino you desire. Yes, even the big one. When the bill arrives you simply go to the main page of the app and click the PAY/EARN button. Go to EARN LOYALTY and scan the barcode on the slip. And the bill is paid (if there is only the coffee in the bill of course). You can now click on the TRANSACTION HISTORY tab and there it will show that your total amount due is R0. As easy as that!

Your voucher expires 30 days after you have downloaded the app, so plan ahead to avoid disappointment!

When redeemed my voucher the waiter didn’t know about the whole free coffee story. So she called the manager who didn’t know either (oops!). Luckily I figured it. That’s why I wanted to explain above on how to redeem the voucher, just clear out unnecessary confusion.  For more info check out their website. Enjoy the treat!

Or Go To A Krispy Kreme

How does it work? Once again, download the app and register with your name, surname, and email. Then you will receive your free small cappuccino notification as soon as you successfully logged in. To later view the message again just press on the VOUCHERS tab at the bottom of your home screen. And that all you need to know!

How do you redeem it? The principals remain the same as described above. Go the home screen of your app, press the GO donut to redeem your voucher. Press EARN LOYALTY, the app then opens a QR code scanner and you can easily scan your slip. And the bill is sorted.

FUN FACT: Ever wondered what the abbreviation QR code stands for? It stands for a quick response code. I was wondering about it and I thought you are wondering too so I found out for us 🙂

These stores are mostly located in the bigger cities like Pretoria, Johannesburg, Cape Town, and Durban. The good news is you can be on the lookout for their On-The-Go’s which will be located at Pick ‘n Pay, Total Bonjour & Engen Quick shops and opening soon. This way they will be more scattered across the country.

I guess all good things come to an end. This voucher also has an expiry date of two months since registration. So hurry up!

Checkers Broodjie, Anyone?

How does it work? The idea is that if you need lunch and your in the mood for a chicken mayo sandwich, just buy it at checkers and receive a coffee with.

Talk about a big bang for your buck!

My mother in law told me about this and said she often eats this super cheap meal after a long day of shopping, and that it is very enjoyable.

Just note that it’s only available at the Checkers store’s wich has a Foreign Ground Coffe Cafe located inside. Or just make yourself a broodjie at home with this delicious recipe.

Do Ring Shopping At A ‘Fancy’ Jeweler

How does it work? I and my fiance(who is now my husband) went ring shopping in Menlyn Mall. There I saw the most beautiful ring in the window of Brown’s Jewelry store. We went inside and, oh my, what a treat! They seated us in giant stuffed chairs, situated under big chandeliers while friendly staff worked together to serve us. They brought us a steaming hot coffee in a beautiful tray and served us with style.  Although I didn’t buy my ring there. They made me feel special and it stood out among all their competitors, so much so, that I remember it till today.

This might be more of a romantic coffee date, but who said you can’t go ring shopping with your Mom? I am sure they will accommodate anyone.

Be Generous And Donate Blood

How does it work? Find a venue with a coffee machine and note that not all of them have that luxury. You also need to meet the requirements, be older than 16 years and weigh more than 50kg.

If you are not a regular donator I deeply encourage you to start, make that choice today! It is time well spent and you feel so good afterward, especially mentally. The staff is mostly very friendly and the clinics are clean and neat.

Plus, you don’t only get a free coffee, there are usually cookies, juice and a seasonal gift included. Make a difference in other people’s lives by giving the fighting chance, literally!

Take a friend with you it might just turn out to be an awesome day!

The reason for this post is to demonstrate how easy it is to live great in life without spending lots of money. Think smarter not harder is the answer to solving problems. If you spend more you can save less.

I challenge you today to take the R25-R35 you saved and invest it. If you want to make it part of your act of generosity this month, do it. If you want to buy stocks on the stock market go for it. Just plant that seed and give your life purpose. A small beginning can lead to big results!

Happy coffee’ing!


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