A Hearty Welcome To All

I’ve put much thought into how to combine my passion for healthy eating and frugal living. Now thanks to this blog, I’ve finally found the answer. I want to teach people about finance so that one hurdle is out of their way on their road to health and happiness. I imagine how health goals, turning into tangible, awesome results and acknowledgment of contentment highlights the success story.

I have one simple mission and reason for creating this blog. And it’s this:

I want to help people to eat healthy on a budget. All this with a special focus on South African cuisines and markets. Focusing on what produce we have available locally in SA will save us both money and time.

All You Need is Generosity, Growth, and Gratitude…

I’ve learned over the years that the 3 biggest excuses for healthy living are usually a lack of money, lack of knowledge, and a lack of motivation. So I figured, all you need to overcome these excuses is generosity, growth, and gratitude. And that’s the three pillars of Frugal Anne.



I believe that those who give will receive.

The goal is to save and make money. Why? So that you can invest it in your health. On this blog, I’m going to share practical tips, financial book reviews, and personal learning experiences.

For example, my priorities include spending time with my family and friends, traveling, cooking and creating a great blog for others to enjoy and learn from. My priorities help me to stay on track and on top of my game. It helps me to not lose focus.

Think about it… What motivates you to pursue your passions? What is really important to you? Why is it such a top priority in your life? I can encourage you to use the answers to these question to assist you in reaching your goals. The results will be amazing. After you found a game plan that makes your success grow, share it with others and watch as the yields of your success bear more and more fruit.


I, Lee-Anne, studied B.Pharm (I’m a pharmacist) at the University of North West. My four-year course included an in-depth study of medication, biochemistry, and physiology. My vision is to use my knowledge to create meaningful content regarding natural and herbal products. I want people to have confidence in their understanding of products on the shelves. Then they’ll be able to make more informed decisions, experience optimal health, and also spend their money wisely.

The key is you know your facts. You need to be able to distinguish between an advertisement that wants to promote sales AND one that wants to promote your health! Check out my YouTube channel for more.


The most important building block in success is gratitude.

Gratitude, in turn, will shape your mindset, habits, and thought patterns, which you’ll need to achieve your goals. This will help you take control of your choices instead of your choices controlling you.

In order to live a sustainable, healthy life, you need to get your head in the game and keep it there. I want to pave a way where frugality can be practiced in all areas of life, not just in the budget facet. Think about it. The meaning of frugal is something that is plain and simple.

To appreciate and be content with less, we need to how to be grateful.

I believe that when you bring Generosity, Growth, and Gratitude together, a synergistic explosion will take place and the results will be life-changing.

May your investments grow and your health bloom,